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Medieval decoration

Caballero Templario a Caballo 33 cms. 591x478 - Different decoration with beautiful medieval miniatures

Different decoration with beautiful medieval miniatures

To decorate your house, your office, your shop or any place you want to make different from the other, there are medieval miniatures to give to this place not only an aesthetic touch but a artistic and cultural touch too.

Miniature of the templar knights 404x478 - Miniature of the templar knights

Miniature of the templar knights

The miniatures of the templar knights are made of resin and they have different sizes. These warriors founded a better society, helping the poor people and protecting the Holy Land and its citizens. The templar knights had their own

121 450x112 1 - Arwen Sword, the Lord of the Ring

Arwen Sword, the Lord of the Ring

Arwen Undómiel is a fictional character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. She appears in his novel, The Lord of the Rings, usually published in three volumes. Arwen is one of the Half-elven who lived during the Third Age. Arwen first

DIOSA MITOLOGIA GRIEGA - Gods of Greek Mythology's Figures

Gods of Greek Mythology’s Figures

Greek mythology is the ensemble of myths and legends related to the Ancient Greece which tell us about adventures of greek Gods and Heros and other mythological creatures but also about natural phenomenons,  the origin/meaning of cults and rites…

Panoply Castilla And Leon - Medieval decoration ideas

Medieval decoration ideas

Medieval forging: appliques, lamps, torches … In medieval culture, forging the iron was one of the booming sectors. This manufacturing process gives shape and new properties to metals and alloys to which pressure is applied by large. In the Middle

High Elf Sword Hobbit 307x478 - Lord of the Rings Swords

Lord of the Rings Swords

Since its release, this epic fantasy novel hasn´t stopped growing the buzz around the Swords of the Lord of the Rings. The innovative design brings all the mythical fantasy that a record-breaking film requires, from all points of view.

Aplique forja 3 bombillas 477x478 - Medieval Forge: Appliques, Lamps, Torches...

Medieval Forge: Appliques, Lamps, Torches…

In Middle Age, forge´s culture and iron´s treatment was undoubtedly at its peak. Nowadays this fabrication process  is also used to shape pure metals and alloys, by fire and hammer hits. We know several kinds of forge, among them

Lámpara forja grande cadenas 18 luces 620x478 - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Decoration is the combination of all elements involved in house´s decoration, a room, or an ambiance. Its main goal is to make her look beauty, nice and fuctional. That´s why we have to work with the dimensions and the

Sello Caballeros Templarios - Medieval Items for your desk

Medieval Items for your desk

Desks are a fundamental part in Middle Age for kings, knights, maids, priests… Around those pieces of furniture the fade of wars, ceasefires, weddings or other essential matters were decided. In them, Lords wrote about no matter what subject

Cuerno vikingo de Ragnar 662x478 - Vinking Horns

Vinking Horns

Vikings used to wear leather helmets without any horn. The legend that tells about the vinking helmets with the horns is just an iconography of the popular immagination. The Wagner’s Opera “Götterdämmerung”  helped the legend to carry on trought

ESPADA TEMPLARIA SERIE ESPECIAL 500x478 - Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

The Templar Knights Order was one of the most important and powerful that emerged during the Crusades. Founded in 1118 with the purpose of defending the holy places of Muslim forces tried to reclaim them. The Templar Knights came to be in

Breastplate with Eagle Toledo chiseled 661x478 - Handicrafts from Toledo

Handicrafts from Toledo

Whatever is classic is always in style, and that is why Toledo and its handicrafts are always stylish. Toledo is imperial due to its cultural heritage, and an essential part of this heritage are its artisans, masters of the

Quarantene Covid-19, boost your medieval passion

Take advantage of these forced quarantene days to boost your medieval passion. Many times we complain we don’t have so much time to do what we have planned or to dedicate time with calm to do what we like.

Genghis Khans Sword - Genghis Khan's Sword

Genghis Khan’s Sword

Temuyín, also known later as Genghis Khan was born on 31st May 1162 in Dulun-Boldaq, Burjan Jaldun Mount, in Mongolia and he died on 25th August 1227, in the Tangut Empire.  He became leader of Mongolia and thanks to

combatiente medieval 2023 - Medieval Combat Worldwide Championship 2016-IMCF

Medieval Combat Worldwide Championship 2016-IMCF

This year, the spectacular sprt known as Medieval Fight full combat will take place in Montemor-o-Velho, in Portugal, from 26th to 29th May. IMCF, International Medieval Combat Federation is dedicated to the spread of medieval combat sports, with more