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Medieval Costumes

trajes medievales1 850x478 1 - Medieval Costumes: History and Tradition in Ancient Fashion

Medieval Costumes: History and Tradition in Ancient Fashion

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of medieval costumes, exploring their diversity, materials, and the cultural influence they have had throughout history and today. The Middle Ages, a historical period spanning from the 5th to the 15th century, is

Vestido medieval mujer Rojo Crema 537x478 - Medieval costumes and accessories

Medieval costumes and accessories

Speaking of medieval costumes requires to transport ourselves to the history of the Middle-Ages, to its culture, its people, their habits and beliefs, their socio-economic structure, etc. The Medieval costume includes and represents all these aspects, therefore, it helps

Vestido medieval mujer Azul 335x478 - Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

When we are talking about clothing we refer to several designs, colurs and materials such as, leather, cotton, velvet, polyester, suede, rag, silk, nylon… Clothing must always be beautiful, high quality, comfortable and make feel so good to people

Sobrevesta niño modelo Gregon 389x478 - Medieval Toys for Kids

Medieval Toys for Kids

Toys are those attractive objects with wchich we try to keep children entertained, that´s why toy shops must become those ideal places where you can get specific items to make children happy, but also make them learn to share

ESPADA TEMPLARIA SERIE ESPECIAL 500x478 - Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

The Templar Knights Order was one of the most important and powerful that emerged during the Crusades. Founded in 1118 with the purpose of defending the holy places of Muslim forces tried to reclaim them. The Templar Knights came to be in

Knights Templar T Shirt With Crosses Short Sleeve - Gorgeous Medieval T-Shirts

Gorgeous Medieval T-Shirts

A good method to give a medieval touch to our age is to wear clothes referring to the Middle Age, with this t-shirts. All these t-shirts refers to the Middle Age with coats of arms, banners or prints on

Vestido medieval Isolde 357x478 - Medieval Clothing - Shipping to United Kingdom

Medieval Clothing – Shipping to United Kingdom

Our stock (medieval costumes, banners, trappings …) and geographical position enables us to ship to UK orders quickly. Costumes and medieval dresses that we offer have followed an exhaustive study, classifying them according to the century or the stage

Chaqueta pirata Roja Negra 394x478 - Pirate Clothing

Pirate Clothing

Obviously, between the medieval pirates there weren’t rules or clothing styles but we can still find some elements in common used in their way to wear clothes. The pirates used to come from the lowest ranks of the medieval

Camisa medieval negra con lazos 500x478 - Medieval shirts and blouses

Medieval shirts and blouses

The shirts and the blouses are formal and informal clothes, made of cloth. These clothes cover the chest and they usually have a neck, sleeves and buttons in the frontal part. The original word for the shirt is “camis”

Quarantene Covid-19, boost your medieval passion

Take advantage of these forced quarantene days to boost your medieval passion. Many times we complain we don’t have so much time to do what we have planned or to dedicate time with calm to do what we like.

combatiente medieval 2023 - Medieval Combat Worldwide Championship 2016-IMCF

Medieval Combat Worldwide Championship 2016-IMCF

This year, the spectacular sprt known as Medieval Fight full combat will take place in Montemor-o-Velho, in Portugal, from 26th to 29th May. IMCF, International Medieval Combat Federation is dedicated to the spread of medieval combat sports, with more

MEDIEVAL FULL CONTCT COMBAT - Battle of the Nations 2016

Battle of the Nations 2016

Also known as Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), it’ s worldwide championship with medieval weapons and armous which this year will take place in May from (Prague, Czech Republic) 5th to 9th, the call for applications is still open. In