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Fioretto Lamina Castaneta - Different kind of fencing foils

Different kind of fencing foils

A foil is one of the three weapons used in fencing,  with the epee and the sabre, all of them made of metal. In fencing, the foil player is considered the most skilful, because the foil is the most

High Elf Sword Hobbit 307x478 - Movie Swords

Movie Swords

They are part of fantastic swords, of these weapons designed only for the movies and converted in legends and official products well known by the collectors and geeks. We’re talking about the movie swords, such as Conan, where Arnold

Celtic Short Sword - Celtic warriors and their weapons

Celtic warriors and their weapons

The word “Celtic” comes from Keltoi, the name that the greeks gave to that populations. The women use to have red or blonde hair with white skin and the men used to light their hair with calcareous water and

Casque Du Gladiateur Crixus - Different kind of gladiator and their weapons

Different kind of gladiator and their weapons

The gladiator was a person fighting against animals or warriors in the Ancient Rome. The roman gladiators were known for their way to fight and their clothing. There were different ranks also for the people who were going to

Chaqueta pirata Roja Negra 394x478 - Pirate Clothing

Pirate Clothing

Obviously, between the medieval pirates there weren’t rules or clothing styles but we can still find some elements in common used in their way to wear clothes. The pirates used to come from the lowest ranks of the medieval

Functional Sword Musketeers - The Musketeers Sword

The Musketeers Sword

In the 1622, Luis XIII created the special corp of the musketeers and the general was the count of Trevillè. This corp was formed by one hundred musketeers, a cornetman, a sergeant, a lieutenant and a captain. Between those,

Sword maintenance - Swords' Maintenance

Swords’ Maintenance

The first thing we must take into account when we decide to keep a sword in proper conditions, it’s the fact of following some simple rules in order to complete this process correctly. Such as, blades should never be

Mandoble Héroe de Guerra empuñadura 1 565x478 - Two Handed Swords

Two Handed Swords

The two handed swords are those sabres or swords whose handle has enough lenght to be covered with both hands. The two-handed sword was a weapon of the infantry, skilled and effective to fight pikes, halberds and spears. It

Shinai para entrenar kendo e1560957394711 - Bamboo swords for Kendo practice

Bamboo swords for Kendo practice

Bamboo swords for practicing Kendo are an essential tool for practitioners of this Japanese martial art. Bamboo, known for its strength and flexibility, is the ideal material for simulating the movements and combat techniques with real swords while minimizing

DRAGON BALL Z 431x478 - Dragon Ball anime merchandising

Dragon Ball anime merchandising

Dragon Ball Merchandise: Discover the Most Coveted Products from the Anime! Dragon Ball anime merchandising includes t-shirts, action figures, keychains, and posters. If you’re a Dragon Ball enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a wide range

LEGEND OF ZELDA 427x478 - Legend of Zelda swords merchandising

Legend of Zelda swords merchandising

The Best Swords from The Legend of Zelda for your Collection If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda video game series, you will surely want to have the iconic swords that have marked Link’s history in

Asuna sword art on line 850x465 - Merchandising of Sword Art Online manga.

Merchandising of Sword Art Online manga.

Sword Art Online: Discover the best anime merchandise products! Imagine having the best Sword Art Online items in your hands! If you are a true SAO fan, this is the perfect place for you! Here you will find a

Katana Bushido 537x478 - Parts of the katana

Parts of the katana

The parts of a katana begin from the tip, with the Kojiri and continue with the saya, kurikata, sageo, seppa, koiguchi, tsuba, mekugi, fuchi, tsuka, ito, kashira … The origin of the Japanese katana goes back to the X-XII centuries.

MANDOBLE WILLIAM WALLACE 604x478 - The largest sword

The largest sword

The largest sword (also called Claymore) used by man in times of war, was a disproportionate sword and that to be tamed, a large force was needed. The handling of this sword, required no special technique. It is known

Katana mantis religiosa Cass Hanwei 531x478 - Katanas to practice Iaido

Katanas to practice Iaido

The Iaido technique involves unsheathe, cut, clean the blood of the blade and sheath, from different positions; this is what we may call as fundamental movements of iai. Iai means unity of being or unity of minds in the

Wooden bokken for practices 335x478 - Katanas for combat Kendo

Katanas for combat Kendo

Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art. It is considered elegant and refined in the world of the martial arts. The kendo, or Japanese fencing, arose from the natural evolution of the techniques of using the sword. Those practicing