Celtic Short Sword - Celtic Swords

Celtic Swords

The Celtic people, one of the largest and most warlike people of Europe, came, according to some writings, from Asia and other area of Greece. The Celts loved the culture and because of defense issues they came to create

Functional Falchion XIV century 1 - Battle Ready Swords

Battle Ready Swords

Battle ready swords are prepared for fighting, carbon steel blade, full tang and more resistant to melee. These are some of the features that must fulfill a training sword: one of the differences between a decorative and a battle

Espada Maximus película Gladiator con licencia - Roman Armor

Roman Armor

ARMS AND ARMOUR ROMAN The origin of armor dating from the period when the Egyptian military garb consisted of a helmet and a breastplate made of strong cloth or leather covered largely with metal plates. The Roman warriors of

Escudo del Príncipe Negro 508x478 - Shields of all times

Shields of all times

Shields and round shields are the oldest defensive weapons used by warriors to protect themselves from the attacks with other offensive weapons. They are placed in one of the arms, leaving free the other arm in order to counterattack.

ESPADA CESTA EMPUÑADURA - Types of swords and sabers

Types of swords and sabers

The word sword comes from the Latin spatha (which also served to denote the long straight sword Roman cavalry), and this in turn from Greek spathe. Etymologically, the name remains today Sword in the épée and French as Italian

ARMADURA MEDIEVAL 247x478 - Parts of the Armor

Parts of the Armor

Medieval Armor History The origin of medieval armor dating from the period when the Egyptian military garb consisted of a helmet and a breastplate made of strong cloth or leather covered largely with metal plates. All armor are made available

MEDIEVAL WHIPS - Medieval Whips

Medieval Whips

Nowdays, whip is used as an instrument to keep animals under control, but through History it has become a very well-known icon, above all in Middle Age, when its main function was to punish slaves, toture and or killing

Espada William Wallace cadete 545x478 - William Wallace's  Sword

William Wallace’s Sword

Willlian Wallace (1270-1305) was a well-known military scottish leader, though his origins were humble he achieved to lead scottish troops against King Edward the Ist of England also known as Edward Longshanks. After defeating Count of Surrey, who had

ARQUERO MEDIEVAL 485x478 - Middle Age Bows and Archers

Middle Age Bows and Archers

Using one of the most efficient Middle Age weapons, medieval archers were, for centuries, an squad able to decide the ressult of a battle or war. The rapid fire technique could assure a victory, even when the army  was

Espada Capitan Pirata - Pirates of the Caribbean' s Swords

Pirates of the Caribbean’ s Swords

Pirates of the Caribbean is saga of movies inspired in the Disneyland’ s fairground ride, which also becam a saga of successful movies starred by Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Penélope Cruz, Orlando Bloom…among others. Piracy is joined to navigation,

Escudo Vikingo ribeteado 770x478 - Vikings Shields

Vikings Shields

Viking Shield was light, with the right size to cover the torso and with a holding system that made it easy to handle. Viking warrior used a high number of wood circles as shields, which were held by its

Casque Japonais Kabuto Kake Daisho - Amazing Japanese Helmets

Amazing Japanese Helmets

Japanese helmets have always been a source of wonder and fascination, captivating enthusiasts with their unparalleled beauty and brilliance. The Samurai Warriors, known for their unwavering bravery and disciplined combat prowess, left an indelible mark in the annals of

Espada de Cristobal Colón en Oro 507x478 - Catholic Kings Sword

Catholic Kings Sword

This is one of the more spectacular swords (broadsword) in Spain History. With this weapon, both Fernando of Aragón and Isabel of Castilla (Catholic Kings) gave the title of knight to Christopher Colombus after he returned from his first

Sable Kriegmesser both hands 667x478 - Types of Sabres

Types of Sabres

Sabre is curve sword and with only one edge. This blade´s curvature is its main difference with the sword. It provides a higher combat speed, because it cuts bt the blade doesn’t  remain into the enemy’s body. Sabre is

Casco Vikingo Vendel 628x478 - Vikings and Normand Helmets

Vikings and Normand Helmets

Viking is the name given to those who lived in Nordic countries from Scandinavia, well known by their intrusions and/or sacking in Europe since the VIIIth century. To be exact in the year 793 with the Monastry of Lindisfarne sacking

Sword maintenance - How to remove rust from steel blades

How to remove rust from steel blades

Firstly, we must claim that every single blade must be cleaned by an expert, above all when it’s an antique and valuable piece. That’s why amateurs shouldn’t improvise doing this task. Sometimes a rusty sword is a positive aspect,

ESPADA ROMANA LATEX 631x478 - Live Action Role-Playing Games

Live Action Role-Playing Games

Live action role-playing games, also known as LARP  is a kind of free time activity where particpants represent several kind of characters with the help of items like clothings, or inoffensive copies of weapons. In contrast to traditional role games,

Casco Espartano Rey Leonidas - Emblematic Greek Helmets

Emblematic Greek Helmets

The most famous among all the greek helmets was the Corinthian, which had a protection for both cheeks and nose. It covered almost the entire head but eyes, mouth and chin. They have a clear disadvantage, they reduced notably