Functional Sword Musketeers - The Musketeers Sword

The Musketeers Sword

In the 1622, Luis XIII created the special corp of the musketeers and the general was the count of Trevillè. This corp was formed by one hundred musketeers, a cornetman, a sergeant, a lieutenant and a captain. Between those,

Bowie Knife Mick Crocodile Dundee Damascus Steel - Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife was used in the borders of the US at the middle of the XVIII century, and it’s a defense, rustic hunting knife. It is quite large and the handle is not cylindric. Its name comes from

Miniature of the templar knights 404x478 - Miniature of the templar knights

Miniature of the templar knights

The miniatures of the templar knights are made of resin and they have different sizes. These warriors founded a better society, helping the poor people and protecting the Holy Land and its citizens. The templar knights had their own

medieval leather shoes - Medieval Leather Shoes

Medieval Leather Shoes

We can confirm that first meddieval shoes covered completely the feet, by means of ropes and ribbons. They were made with sheeps’ skin or a sort of cloth made of thick wool, usually called ordinary fabric. Pointed boots, normally

Saber Shashka - Cossack sabre (Shashka)

Cossack sabre (Shashka)

Shashka is a war weapon, in the category of the bladed weapons but it’s not classified as a sabre. It blade is long, slightly curved and it’s sharpened only in one side. The point of the blade is sharpened

Expositors Guns 474x478 - Stands and expositors for swords, katanas and guns

Stands and expositors for swords, katanas and guns

The swords, the katanas and the replicas in general are unique pieces, decorative and with a singular beauty for their originality, antiquity, material quality, value, etc… The swords, katanas and gun replicas collectors love to show their collections for

Sword maintenance - Swords' Maintenance

Swords’ Maintenance

The first thing we must take into account when we decide to keep a sword in proper conditions, it’s the fact of following some simple rules in order to complete this process correctly. Such as, blades should never be

Weevil with visor year 1390 659x478 - The Medieval Bascinet (bassinet, basinet, bazineto)

The Medieval Bascinet (bassinet, basinet, bazineto)

The medieval bascinet came into use in the thirteenth century, with the development of conical helmets, to protect the sides of the head and neck, but leaving the face exposed. It was lighter than the helmet. By the mid-fourteenth

Mandoble Héroe de Guerra empuñadura 1 565x478 - Two Handed Swords

Two Handed Swords

The two handed swords are those sabres or swords whose handle has enough lenght to be covered with both hands. The two-handed sword was a weapon of the infantry, skilled and effective to fight pikes, halberds and spears. It

Shinai para entrenar kendo e1560957394711 - Bamboo swords for Kendo practice

Bamboo swords for Kendo practice

Bamboo swords for practicing Kendo are an essential tool for practitioners of this Japanese martial art. Bamboo, known for its strength and flexibility, is the ideal material for simulating the movements and combat techniques with real swords while minimizing

DRAGON BALL Z 431x478 - Dragon Ball anime merchandising

Dragon Ball anime merchandising

Dragon Ball Merchandise: Discover the Most Coveted Products from the Anime! Dragon Ball anime merchandising includes t-shirts, action figures, keychains, and posters. If you’re a Dragon Ball enthusiast, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a wide range

LEGEND OF ZELDA 427x478 - Legend of Zelda swords merchandising

Legend of Zelda swords merchandising

The Best Swords from The Legend of Zelda for your Collection If you are a fan of The Legend of Zelda video game series, you will surely want to have the iconic swords that have marked Link’s history in

Asuna sword art on line 850x465 - Merchandising of Sword Art Online manga.

Merchandising of Sword Art Online manga.

Sword Art Online: Discover the best anime merchandise products! Imagine having the best Sword Art Online items in your hands! If you are a true SAO fan, this is the perfect place for you! Here you will find a

Katana Bushido 537x478 - Parts of the katana

Parts of the katana

The parts of a katana begin from the tip, with the Kojiri and continue with the saya, kurikata, sageo, seppa, koiguchi, tsuba, mekugi, fuchi, tsuka, ito, kashira … The origin of the Japanese katana goes back to the X-XII centuries.

Pareja de Kunais para practicar Kung Fu 651x478 - The Naruto Kunais

The Naruto Kunais

The kunai blade was a popular ninja weapon, it could be easily hidden and, because of their small size and effectiveness, could be removed quickly in combat. The kunai served several purposes, but primarily it was used as a

MANDOBLE WILLIAM WALLACE 604x478 - The largest sword

The largest sword

The largest sword (also called Claymore) used by man in times of war, was a disproportionate sword and that to be tamed, a large force was needed. The handling of this sword, required no special technique. It is known