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Emblematic Greek Helmets

The most famous among all the greek helmets was the Corinthian, which had a protection for both cheeks and nose. It covered almost the entire head but eyes, mouth and chin.

Casco griego corintio real - Emblematic Greek Helmets

They have a clear disadvantage, they reduced notably soldier´s visibility and audition, so he was only able to see what he had in front of him. Later, it was updated to leave ears into the open for  letting the soldier hearing. We did the same thing, reducing the cheeks protection to wide the field of vision.

Casco griego espartano - Emblematic Greek HelmetsThe richest hoplites had better quality helmets, decorated with engraved or paintings. A lot of them put in their helmets some plumes made of mane which looked as a ponytail sometimes. This ornament was progressively reduced for reasons fo convenience.

Casco guerrero griego - Emblematic Greek HelmetsFrom Vth century some hoplites tinted the plumes of their helmets with the same colours, like the spartans who made it with black and white stripes.

Casco Corintio penacho bicolor - Emblematic Greek Helmets

Greek helmets were inside covered of felt, skin or linen, to soft hits in the soldier´s head.

Casco italo corintio - Emblematic Greek Helmets