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Functional and decorative medieval axes

Axe is a tool used by prehistorical men since the Neolithic, as a weapon for hunting and war battles; lately it was also used by vikings, normands, romans, amerindians, english and french people… We must classify as undoubtedly remarkable,hammer axes made in Denmark, with an hole in the middle.

Hacha danesa funcional 398x450 - Functional and decorative medieval axes

In Middle Age it was incredibly  in vogue into the  european armies. We could say that from the richest noble to the slave warrior used this weapon. That´s why it was said  the following sentence, it is a poor and rich men´s weapon. Iron, steel and decorative stones put into them, contained a good part of medieval epic most famous stories.

hACHA MEDIEVAL 375x450 - Functional and decorative medieval axes

Axe was one of the most terrible weapons in Middle Age, its versatility made her become an essential piece of several warrior tactics. It was used in hand to hand combat, to assault places, as a defensive weapon, to stop the cavalry, as a projectile…

HACHA DECORATIVA RÚSTICA DOBLE PALA GRABADA 441x450 - Functional and decorative medieval axesIts handle required a long instruction time, into the castles warriores practised constantly to get the best control over this powerful weapon which ravaged the enemies. Its overwhelming blade was useful to go through  cuirasses and shields during the battle.

Hacha funcional Violet Le Duc 450x422 - Functional and decorative medieval axes

Axe has a metal blade which is strongly attached to the handle, generally wood. Its main goal is cutting anything or anybody by hits. Nowadays it´s used to cut wood and chop down trees. Firemn use axes to get through burning buildings. We can also see it in some sports like aizkolari, which consists in trunks cut and axe throwing.