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Bowie Knife Mick Crocodile Dundee Damascus Steel - Bowie Knife

Bowie Knife

The Bowie knife was used in the borders of the US at the middle of the XVIII century, and it’s a defense, rustic hunting knife. It is quite large and the handle is not cylindric. Its name comes from

Mandoble Héroe de Guerra empuñadura 1 565x478 - Two Handed Swords

Two Handed Swords

The two handed swords are those sabres or swords whose handle has enough lenght to be covered with both hands. The two-handed sword was a weapon of the infantry, skilled and effective to fight pikes, halberds and spears. It

Katana Bushido 537x478 - Parts of the katana

Parts of the katana

The parts of a katana begin from the tip, with the Kojiri and continue with the saya, kurikata, sageo, seppa, koiguchi, tsuba, mekugi, fuchi, tsuka, ito, kashira … The origin of the Japanese katana goes back to the X-XII centuries.

Pareja de Kunais para practicar Kung Fu 651x478 - The Naruto Kunais

The Naruto Kunais

The kunai blade was a popular ninja weapon, it could be easily hidden and, because of their small size and effectiveness, could be removed quickly in combat. The kunai served several purposes, but primarily it was used as a

MANDOBLE WILLIAM WALLACE 604x478 - The largest sword

The largest sword

The largest sword (also called Claymore) used by man in times of war, was a disproportionate sword and that to be tamed, a large force was needed. The handling of this sword, required no special technique. It is known

Katana mantis religiosa Cass Hanwei 531x478 - Katanas to practice Iaido

Katanas to practice Iaido

The Iaido technique involves unsheathe, cut, clean the blood of the blade and sheath, from different positions; this is what we may call as fundamental movements of iai. Iai means unity of being or unity of minds in the

Wooden bokken for practices 335x478 - Katanas for combat Kendo

Katanas for combat Kendo

Kendo is a traditional Japanese martial art. It is considered elegant and refined in the world of the martial arts. The kendo, or Japanese fencing, arose from the natural evolution of the techniques of using the sword. Those practicing

Espada Tizona El Cid Lujo 699x478 - Spanish Tizona Sword, XVII Century

Spanish Tizona Sword, XVII Century

During the fifteenth century chainmail is gradually replaced by plate armor, and swords, that their main strength was cut, are losing ground against the swords that are used only for thrusting. This leads to the appearance of different models

121 450x112 1 - Arwen Sword, the Lord of the Ring

Arwen Sword, the Lord of the Ring

Arwen Undómiel is a fictional character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. She appears in his novel, The Lord of the Rings, usually published in three volumes. Arwen is one of the Half-elven who lived during the Third Age. Arwen first

Bokken para entrenamiento COLD STEEL 457x478 - The bokken - Japanese training sword

The bokken – Japanese training sword

The history of the Japanese sword is so ancient that its traces lead us to the “Era of the Gods”, which precedes the written history of Japan. The use of the bokken came much later, between 1336-1600, in a

ESPADA CHINA DINASTIA HAN 734x478 - Mythical Chinese Swords

Mythical Chinese Swords

Traditional martial arts still preserve old movements, practiced with swords and variety of weapons essential in the battlefield. Weapons are classified according to the characteristics and use were given. However, the most popular not only in China but throughout

Flintlock pistol XVIII century - The Western Revolver

The Western Revolver

The revolver is the type of gun characterized by carrying ammunition, disposed in a more commonly known as barrel drum. The difference with the handgun is that the latter carries the ammunition in a charger. The first revolver was

Sword of Don Quixote - Toledo Swords

Toledo Swords

Swords of Toledo (Spain) are weapons of one or two edges and basically a straight blade cutting, stabbing, or both; it has a handle of a certain size or brand and the lenght of the sword is from half

Gladius Mainz Condor 338x478 - Roman Swords

Roman Swords

The Roman Gladius sword is a typical sword from ancient Rome, used by the Legions. It had a lenght of about 2 feet (though they could be customized) and a straight, double-edged blade. The romans were very handy at

Crusader Shield - Medieval Shields

Medieval Shields

The shield is a defensive weapon for protection against offensive weapons. The medieval shields are part of the wartime history of all time. The Byzantines used the oval cut shield mainly; the Normans used an almond-shaped shield, with edged

High Elf Sword Hobbit 307x478 - Lord of the Rings Swords

Lord of the Rings Swords

Since its release, this epic fantasy novel hasn´t stopped growing the buzz around the Swords of the Lord of the Rings. The innovative design brings all the mythical fantasy that a record-breaking film requires, from all points of view.

Celtic Short Sword - Celtic Swords

Celtic Swords

The Celtic people, one of the largest and most warlike people of Europe, came, according to some writings, from Asia and other area of Greece. The Celts loved the culture and because of defense issues they came to create

Functional Falchion XIV century 1 - Battle Ready Swords

Battle Ready Swords

Battle ready swords are prepared for fighting, carbon steel blade, full tang and more resistant to melee. These are some of the features that must fulfill a training sword: one of the differences between a decorative and a battle