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Japanese Nodachi

A Nodachi has the same design and aspect of a Tachi, but is quite longer. It was used by the infantry and it was designed for the battle against the cavalry and in open spaces, because its longness in closed spaces and for the short distance could make its use very difficult.

nodachi para practicas - Japanese Nodachi

Even if it was a very effective weapon against the cavalry, it wasn’t usually used for 3 main reasons:
1. The blade was very difficult to forge, comparing it with a normal size sword.
2. It was needed a great strenght to use it properly.
3. Weapons like Naginata or the Nagamaki were more effecting for the same use in the battle field.

Oppositely of the majority of the other japanese swords like the Katana, Wakizashi and Tachi that were “belt fixed”, the Nodachi was “back fixed” looking like a symbol for the warrior; Obliviously it wasn’t unsheathed from the back. The Nodachi was more difficult to use because of its weight and size, but like every weapon, it could be extremely lethal in the hands of an experienced warrior.

The size of the blade made the Nodachi a terrible weapon in the hands of a master. The longness of the hilt was around 30 and 33 centimenters and the longness of the blade should be around 90 centimeters. Its cutting and reaching skills were better than a Katana ones. The Nodachis usually appear in videogames, manga and comics.