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Leather Medieval Handbags

Among the most beautiful complements or accessories and medieval suits tool, we can find medieval handbags. They are conceived as a little bag; made of leather or clothing whith  a zipper and frequently a handle; to keep money, documents and personal use objects…

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In Medieval times they were used by men, later its use was extended to women above all during the second part of XXth century. Nowadays, they are used by both sexes in a very natural and practical way.

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It´s said that into a woman´s handbag we can find everything, given that they have “magic” to keep inside of them as many objects as possible, such as make up articles , lipsticks, a mirror…

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Betters handbags are those which are leather and handmade, we can see them in several shapes, colours and sizes. They are not only useful but also beautiful and they can achieve to show an elegant and distinctive touch.  We also have a backpack which consists in a luggage we can carry  in our back by bands that go through our shoulders. We usually prefer backpacks to carry heavy loads for long periods of time, because shoulders can support better weight than our hands, which allow us to protect our spinal column.

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Backpack has its origin in Prehistory, when men needed to carry their personal objects at  their backs. Progressively, this item has evolved for carrying more weight objects. Wars have become main guilty of their development, as much design as materials.

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It´s said that in prehistorical age, men started to carry them for keeping inside them personal objects and they were made of skin of hunted animals. Leather medieval handbags were very used not only by nobles but also by farmers and businessmen.

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Currently, handbags and backpacks have become incredibly useful to put inside them daily use objects like, sunglasses, mobile phones, keys, wallets, purses…

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Saddlebags were the predecessors of handbags being more rustic given that they were made of fabric, in a big and square shape because we put inside them food, heavy objects and ceramics. At present,  leather handbags and back packs are conceived for complementing medieval suits for those who attend to recreations, parties and medieval marriages.

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Leather handbags and backpacks are so beautiful and practical that nowadays we (men and women) buy them for daily use. Its relation quality, price and beauty is clearly excellent.