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Medieval Accessories

medieval leather shoes - Medieval Leather Shoes

Medieval Leather Shoes

We can confirm that first meddieval shoes covered completely the feet, by means of ropes and ribbons. They were made with sheeps’ skin or a sort of cloth made of thick wool, usually called ordinary fabric. Pointed boots, normally

Expositors Guns 474x478 - Stands and expositors for swords, katanas and guns

Stands and expositors for swords, katanas and guns

The swords, the katanas and the replicas in general are unique pieces, decorative and with a singular beauty for their originality, antiquity, material quality, value, etc… The swords, katanas and gun replicas collectors love to show their collections for

Vestido medieval mujer Rojo Crema 537x478 - Medieval costumes and accessories

Medieval costumes and accessories

Speaking of medieval costumes requires to transport ourselves to the history of the Middle-Ages, to its culture, its people, their habits and beliefs, their socio-economic structure, etc. The Medieval costume includes and represents all these aspects, therefore, it helps

MEDIEVAL WHIPS - Medieval Whips

Medieval Whips

Nowdays, whip is used as an instrument to keep animals under control, but through History it has become a very well-known icon, above all in Middle Age, when its main function was to punish slaves, toture and or killing

ARQUERO MEDIEVAL 485x478 - Middle Age Bows and Archers

Middle Age Bows and Archers

Using one of the most efficient Middle Age weapons, medieval archers were, for centuries, an squad able to decide the ressult of a battle or war. The rapid fire technique could assure a victory, even when the army  was

Medieval leather bag - Leather Medieval Handbags

Leather Medieval Handbags

Among the most beautiful complements or accessories and medieval suits tool, we can find medieval handbags. They are conceived as a little bag; made of leather or clothing whith  a zipper and frequently a handle; to keep money, documents

Vestido medieval mujer Azul 335x478 - Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

Medieval clothing for Women, Men and Kids

When we are talking about clothing we refer to several designs, colurs and materials such as, leather, cotton, velvet, polyester, suede, rag, silk, nylon… Clothing must always be beautiful, high quality, comfortable and make feel so good to people

Sheath For Gladius Sword Roman MARTO - Custom-made scabbards for swords

Custom-made scabbards for swords

The scabbards are different for each kind of sword and we don’t recommend to use a scrabbard for any type of sword. The scabbard of a sword is the cover of the blade, where the sword rests and that’s

Cuerno vikingo de Ragnar 662x478 - Vinking Horns

Vinking Horns

Vikings used to wear leather helmets without any horn. The legend that tells about the vinking helmets with the horns is just an iconography of the popular immagination. The Wagner’s Opera “Götterdämmerung”  helped the legend to carry on trought

ESPADA TEMPLARIA SERIE ESPECIAL 500x478 - Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

The Templar Knights Order was one of the most important and powerful that emerged during the Crusades. Founded in 1118 with the purpose of defending the holy places of Muslim forces tried to reclaim them. The Templar Knights came to be in

Vestido medieval Isolde 357x478 - Medieval Clothing - Shipping to United Kingdom

Medieval Clothing – Shipping to United Kingdom

Our stock (medieval costumes, banners, trappings …) and geographical position enables us to ship to UK orders quickly. Costumes and medieval dresses that we offer have followed an exhaustive study, classifying them according to the century or the stage

Shackle Chain And Ball - Medieval Shackles

Medieval Shackles

The shackles are an iron arch, almost semicircular, with two holes, one for each end, where it was passing a pivot, blocked for a wedge, to secure the chain. There are also other kind of shackles, that could be

medieval leather shoes - Medieval footwear

Medieval footwear

The first shoes tried to cover completely the foot and they were fixed by some cords or belts. They were made in sheep leather or rough canvas made of wool. The people used to wear also boots with a

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