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Medieval Forge

Panoply Castilla And Leon - Medieval decoration ideas

Medieval decoration ideas

Medieval forging: appliques, lamps, torches … In medieval culture, forging the iron was one of the booming sectors. This manufacturing process gives shape and new properties to metals and alloys to which pressure is applied by large. In the Middle

Aplique forja 3 bombillas 477x478 - Medieval Forge: Appliques, Lamps, Torches...

Medieval Forge: Appliques, Lamps, Torches…

In Middle Age, forge´s culture and iron´s treatment was undoubtedly at its peak. Nowadays this fabrication process  is also used to shape pure metals and alloys, by fire and hammer hits. We know several kinds of forge, among them

Lámpara forja grande cadenas 18 luces 620x478 - Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Wall Decorations in Medieval Style

Decoration is the combination of all elements involved in house´s decoration, a room, or an ambiance. Its main goal is to make her look beauty, nice and fuctional. That´s why we have to work with the dimensions and the

Medieval Casserole - Medieval Kitchen Tools

Medieval Kitchen Tools

Our kitchens have a lot of tools and they seems they always have been like this. The kitchen grew with the human culture during the eras. In every cultural and historical museum we can see how our ancestors were

Quarantene Covid-19, boost your medieval passion

Take advantage of these forced quarantene days to boost your medieval passion. Many times we complain we don’t have so much time to do what we have planned or to dedicate time with calm to do what we like.