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Medieval Kitchen Tools

Our kitchens have a lot of tools and they seems they always have been like this. The kitchen grew with the human culture during the eras. In every cultural and historical museum we can see how our ancestors were cooking and what kind of tools they were using.

Juego cubiertos medievales forjados - Medieval Kitchen Tools

The kitchen tools are objects used in the kitchen or in the dining room, and they are a lot: from the cutlery to the tableware, from the grills to the pots.

Cacerola medieval forjada a mano - Medieval Kitchen Tools

The pots to cook were especially used to boil or cook food, and they are a metal container with a round base, more long than deep, with one or two handles.

Cacerola medieval - Medieval Kitchen Tools

In the west, the nobles and the plebeians were eating with the hands. The plebeians were using all the fingers and the nobles used to use just three fingers. The educated people don’t usually get the ring finger and the pinkie finger dirty, and they were using the rest of the fingers.

Cuchillo medieval forjado a mano - Medieval Kitchen Tools

The original knives from the Stone Era have evolved, passing from the use of the stone to the bone, from the wood to the metal, such as the copper or the iron. In Greece, Rome and in the Middle Age the hand forged knife was used on the table of the nobles, rich people and kings. The spoon was also a cutlery only for the privileged.

Cubiertos medievales de forja - Medieval Kitchen Tools

In the Middle Age the fork appears on the table, in the XI century in Toscana. The fork used to have only two points. It wasn’t normal to eat with the fork until the XVIII century when later it became more common. Since that moment, it wasn’t permitted anymore to eat with the hands.

Parrilla para Trípode medieval - Medieval Kitchen Tools

The use of the pots and metal containers to cook, begun with the metallurgy, as these objects were made in ceramic or terracotta before, resistant to fire and with a large quantity of shapes and sizes.

Cucharón medieval - Medieval Kitchen Tools

Tijeras medievales de forja - Medieval Kitchen Tools

To cook and heat in the countryside were used some fire baskets.

Cesta para hacer fuego - Medieval Kitchen Tools

In the noble classes it was common to use gold cutlery. The steel appeared just later and it became almost precious as the gold.

Set trinchante cuchillo y cuchara medieval - Medieval Kitchen Tools