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Most Famous Swords of History

It´s not easy to write an article about the most famous swords in History because when we choose some of them, we are leaving apart others with a big importance too. But we are going to try it, with the most known through time and in chronological order :

Falcata Ibérica Plata - Most Famous Swords of History

1. Pre- Iberian Falcata : It was the sword used by the first settlers of Iberian Peninsula, which one was very present in battles.  The original design of its blade is adapted to pierce in horizontal. It hasn´t been repeated in the entire history; that´s why  its functionality makes it undoubtedly unique.

Falcata Pre Ibérica 300x89 - Most Famous Swords of History

 2. Roman Sword (Roman Gladius): It´s the roman weapon by excellence, it was ideal  for hand to hand combat and the perfect complement for the phalanxes. A short sword, wide and pointed specially dessigned for a direct fight, causing huge damages. Roman shield complemented its effectiveness.

Gladius Romana1 - Most Famous Swords of History

3. Alexander the Great´s Sword:  Alexander III of Macedon (352 BC-323 BC)  also known as Alexander the Great was king of Macedon from 336 BC until his death and is considered one of the betters military leaders of all times; by his conquer of Persian Empire including Anatolia, Syria, Phoenicia, Judea, Gaza, Egypt, Bactria and Mesopotamia, expanding the borders of Macedon  until the Punjabi´s region. Before his death, Alexander had planned to come back to the west for finding the end of the world, an idea that his childhood’ s tutor (Aristotle) had inculcated him by telling stories about a place where Earth ended and started the big outside sea.

Espada Alejandro Magno 300x186 - Most Famous Swords of History

 4. Viking Sword (Barbarians and Nordics): It was a sword designed to scare by its brutal size, width, length and weight; that´s why it could only be handled by an expert and skilled warrrior, for beating the enemy with a single and accurate hit. It wasn´t an easy task, but clearly the most suitable in a world where the brute strength became the law. They were robust and mighties for showing authority and respect.

Espada Vikinga 300x152 - Most Famous Swords of History

5. Excalibur King Arthur´s Sword: Its history belongs mainly to the legend and litterature from early VIth century, though we can´t affirm wether Arthur is the character whom the legend was based on. Legend and History were combinded for the following centuries and they appear tightly joined to the Round Table and the magic and mysterious sword called Excalibur. According to Merlin the Sorcerer, King Arthur´s tutor,  “whoever achieved to pull out this sword would become King of England”. Something that Arthud did without making a big effort, after that, he went into a cathedral and left the weapon over the altar. Athur, infront of all the barons and ordinary people,  swore to be a King loyal to their subjects and also defending truth and justice values for the rest of his life.

Espada Excalibur - Most Famous Swords of History

6. Charlemagne´s Sword: Charles the Great, Western Europe Emperor, was born in 742. His power achieved to spread the Christianity for all the territory that he occupied, conquering lands from France, Germany and Italy.

Espada Carlo Magno 300x195 - Most Famous Swords of History

7. “Tizona” and “Colada” Swords: They belonged to spanish knight, also known as “El Cid Campeador”, a loyal vassal who took part in Toledo´s conquer by King Alfonso the VIth, and later he conquered the Valencia´s Kingdom that was ruled by the arabs.

Espada Tizona de El Cid 300x194 - Most Famous Swords of History

Espada Colada de El Cid1 300x198 - Most Famous Swords of History
Espada Colada de El Cid

8. Scimitar or arab sword: For the arab invasion it became a very famous weapon, because of the fact that Toledo was a very important place related to the fabrication of swords. Scimitar has a guard which covers the fist on one side and a part of the blade on the other. Its blade´s widening and curvature is sharp, it has only one edge and a protective handle. The particularity of a curve blade becomes useful for an attack riding a horse and not having it embeded in the enemy. So the curve blade didn´t sopt its trajectory, that´s why arabs prefered scmitar more than right sword.

Espada Cimitarra Árabe 300x224 - Most Famous Swords of History

9. Templar Knights Sword: Templar Order was founded in 1118, to provide security to Sacred Places and protect pilgrimage routes. Order was at its peak in the XIIIrd century. Templar Knights considered themselves as God Knights, Church and Christianity honour.  It was an army very well organised and they usually became the strike force in the crusades. During the attack they were placed in the vanguard while during  the retreats, in the rearguard. Templars knights combined the religious fervour and warlike great deeds, two of the main passions for the Middle Age.

Espada Templaria 300x160 - Most Famous Swords of History

10. Alfonso the VIth´s Sword: Heir to the crown of León, together with “el Cid Campeador”, they held back the African Armies, they reconquered Valencia, Murcia, Lisboa they also annexed La Rioja, Navarra, Galicia, Guipúzcoa, Álava and Vizcaya in 1076. Their most important achievement was to reconquer Toledo.

Espada de Alfonso VI - Most Famous Swords of History

10. Fernando the IIIrd Sword (San Fernando): He was the son of Alfonso the IXth of Léon and Berenguela of Castilla, he unified under his crown both kingdoms. He became the main prime mover of reconquist process, he battled to win Sevilla, the main city of Almohads, and Córdoba, which mosque turned into a Cathedral.  His son Alfonso the Xth also owned this sword. In its litteray work called “Las Siete Partidas”, he mentionned the four values Every single sword should show Sanity, Strength, Moderation and Justice.

Espada de San Fernando III - Most Famous Swords of History

11. Richard Lionheart´s Sword: He became one of the most famous Kings of England, its reign was between the years 1189-1199, he was the third son of King Henry the IIIrd and Lienor of Aquitaine. He was also Duke of Normand and Aquitaine, and Count of Anjou; its legacy is the one of a noble crusader Knight, recognised by his brave and courage during the battle. He received the nickname of Lionheart during the Crusades, because of his personality unlike to Philipe of France who was thought to be a lamb. His heroism inspired many men and women of letters.

Espada Ricardo Corazón de Léon 300x193 - Most Famous Swords of History

12. Sword of James the Ist: He was born in Montpellier (1.208) and died in Valencia (1.276). Count of Barcelona, King of Aragón and Mallorca. It became a very useful part in the Reconquest, helpint Kings of Castilla and Aragón to fight against the arab invaders.

Espada de Jaime I 300x70 - Most Famous Swords of History

13. William Wallace´s sword (1270 – 1305): He was a scottish, brave warrior who led his country against the english occupation during the Independece Scottish Wars. He was brought up in an abbey where his paternal uncle resided, that´s why he had good manners and spoke french, english, latin and gaelic.

Espada de William Wallace 300x193 - Most Famous Swords of History

14. Scottish Lion´s Claymore Sword: Jacob the Ist (1394-1437) King of Scotland since 1424 until his death. After destroying the house of Albal and reducing the feodal nobles power because of the mistreatmen he received of them. He ordered to gather the scottish code of laws and indtroduced a system of weights and mesaurements. He was also well known for his poetic side. He was murdered by Sir Robert Graham in a conspiracy. He received the nickname of Lion of Scotland because of his bravery in battles and his firm hand to rule his country.

Espada Claymore 300x195 - Most Famous Swords of History

15. The Large Sword of Catholic Kings: Is one of the most spectacular swords in the spanish History. This mythical sword was used by Catholic Kings (Fernando e Isabel) to name Knight to Chistopher Columbus, after the return of his first trip to America.  This ceremonial sword was used as standard bearer in every single relevant religious ceremony or public event which took place during their reign, such as the Conquer of Granada.

Espada Mandoble de los Reyes Católicos 300x191 - Most Famous Swords of History

16. The Sword of Christopher Columbus  (1436-1506): He was a wise geographer and an intelligent sailor, who conceived an exploration project of the western seas, a project which was offered to several european courts and magnates who didn´t suport him. After several problems he got the support of Spanish Catholic Kings and he was given three caravels, on the 3rd August 1492 departed from Palos Harbour (Huelva, Spain)  and on the 12th October of 1492 he arrrived to amercian soil and discovered a new continent.

Espada de Cristóbal Colón 300x182 - Most Famous Swords of History

17. Great Captain´s Sword: Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba, a man with high military prestige in the times of Catholic Kings (XVth and XVIth centuries) achieved his first great deeds during the conquer of Granada, but also had an important role in the campaigns of Sicily and Naples, there he got the nickname of “Great Captain” and created the army (based mainly on the infantry) which became  the military base of the Spanish Empire during the XVIth century.

Espada del Gran Capitán Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba 300x294 - Most Famous Swords of History

18. The Sword of García Paredes: Diego García Paredes got thanks to his physical strength the following nicknames  “The Extremadura´s Sanson” and “Spanish Hercules” (El Sansón de Extremadura y Hércules de España). He was a famous spanish captain with extraordinary strength and height, he was a member of the italian army as chief of the Great Captain´s troops, becoming his right-hand man. And later going with him to America.

Espada de García Paredes - Most Famous Swords of History

19. Charles Ist of Spain and Vth of Germany´Sword: He was known back in his days as “The Emperor”, given that no one else could achieve the goal of ruling over so many territorries. He inherited from his grandparents, the Catholic Kings, lands from Spain, America, Naples and Sicily and from Maximilian of Austria, Flandes and Austria. In 1519, he was crowned as “The Roman Emperor” became the highest responsible for the greatest empire of all times. His sword is the symbol of his power.

Espada Mandoble de Carlos I de España y V de Alemania - Most Famous Swords of History

20. The Sword of Hernán Cortés: Hernán Cortés Monroy Pizarro Altamirano, was a brave and bold spanish conqueror who stayed for a long time in the Aztec Empire. He was second cousin of Francisco Pizarro, who  conquered the Incan Empire from Peru.

Espada de Hernán Cortés - Most Famous Swords of History

21. Francisco Pizarro´Sword: Francisco Pizarro González was an spanish explorer and conqueror who travelled to Peru.

Espada de Francisco Pizarro 300x298 - Most Famous Swords of History

22. Quixote´s Sword: On the XVIth century and thanks to the quill of Cervantes, Don Alonso de Quijano is born also known as Mr. Quixote of La Mancha (Don Quijote de la Mancha) a wandering Knight whit a high sense of duty and honor, which usually surpassed the limits of reality getting close to the madness. That´s why he attacked; windmills believing they were giants, flock of sheeps thinking it had been taken as hostages by an enemy and containers of wine considering them ghosts. Briefly, he became the hero of the craziest adventures. He eventually recoverd his mind health in the arms of his lover Dulcinea del Toboso.

Espada de Don Quijote de La Mancha 300x186 - Most Famous Swords of History

23. Musketeers French Foll: In 1622 Louis XIIIth created the Musketeers special corp, excluisvely for the service and protection of the King. Later Alexandre Dumas inspired by this Real Guard, wrote a novel titled “The Three Musketeers” , who told the story of Athos, Portos, Aramis and D`Artagnan who were the defenders of Queen Ana against the intrigues of Richelieu and Milady. So their swords became s symbol of French Monarchy, also their slogan “One for all and all for one”.

Espada Florete de Los Tres Mosqueteros 300x298 - Most Famous Swords of History

24. Champagne Briquet´s french sabre: ” Briquet” is a short sabre easy to handle like others bladed weapons at its time. It has its origin in the beginning of French Revolution, being lately given to Napoleonic troops of Infantry, artillery and grenadiers.

Sable francés Champane Briquet 300x200 - Most Famous Swords of History

25. Rapier Swords or “Roperas”:  They were used when people dressed in a very elegant way, so we could affirm this weapon could be a decorative item, given that it has no relation with those old and heavy Middle Age swords.  This kind of swords are the predecessors of current rapier used in fencing, a sort of sport where intelligence, art and speed are essentials in contrast to Middle Age fights. We must remark Rapier sword from Toledo and Fleur-de-lis Rapier sword.

Espada Rapiera Marto 258x273 custom - Most Famous Swords of History

Rapier sword from Toledo: With an impressive design of a cross, soldered with a high number of brass pieces. It has a soft red velvet fist with golden ribs. Its blade is elegant, thinnest and with little narrowing in the superior part of the blade, which is used to put index and heart fingers and handle better the sword. So its movement be like a single element.

Espada ropera Toledana 300x182 - Most Famous Swords of History

Fleur-de-lis Rapier Sword: It is a french sword which has a golden guard for protecting the hand from the enemy´s hits. This guard has some golden finishing touches and an elegant velvet, its design is based on the Fleur-de-lis that names this sword.

Espada Ropera Flor de Lys1 300x256 - Most Famous Swords of History

26. Charles the IIIrd´s Sword: Charles the IIIrd of Bourbon also known as the Politician (1716-1788), was Duke of Parma (like Charles the Ist) between 1731-1735, he became King of Naples and Sicily (like Charles the VIIth) from 1734-1759) and also King of Spain since 1759 until his death. He was the third male son of Philip the Vth, he was the founder of  the Wapons Factory in Toledo and favoured the cultural and economic growth of Spain.

Espada de Carlos III 300x188 - Most Famous Swords of History

27. Napoleon I Bonaparte´s ceremonial sword (1769 –1821): French militar and leader, he was a republican general during the French Revolution and the Board, he was the maker of the military coup that turned him into the First Consul of the French Republic on the 11th November of 1799. Afterwards he was proclaimed Frecn Emperor and crownd on December the second, but also King of Italy on March the 18th of 1805 and croned on May the 26th, he held the two titles in 1814 and in 1815. Napoleon is thought to be one of the greatest military minds in the entire History, having commanded at the same time  several successful and unsuccessful campaigns.

Espadin Napoleón Bonaparte - Most Famous Swords of History

28. Mason´s sword:  It contains a huge range of freemason symbols, among which we should remark the compass, the right triangle, the plumb, the hammer, the book, the eye of God and five pointed stars linked to a G which comes from Great. Thos sword has been used by masons in all their ceremonies as an instrument through times of Justice, Trught, Equality and Firmness.

Espada de los Masones 300x185 - Most Famous Swords of History

29. Katana: Also known as Samurai´s words. They were considered the Samurai´s souls and were used in essential ceremonies in the court and in the militia. They were weapons and also a spiritual meaning. “Tachi” was the most appreciated among all of them, followed by “Katana” and “Wakizashi”.

Wakizashi 300x180 - Most Famous Swords of History

Spectaculars not only from a technical point of view, but also from a handmade  aspect due to their metal, lacquer and qualified line of engraved and precious gems inlaid work., besides the thinners silks were they are usually kept.

Katana 300x182 - Most Famous Swords of History

Katana has a perfect edge, able to cut with precision and with a single hit. It was made of steeel and coal what made it flexible and togh. Katana is still being main weapon of Japanese Army and Real Guard. Its use in vital ceremonies with a sacred high content is remarkable.

Tachi 300x193 - Most Famous Swords of History