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Pirate Clothing

Obviously, between the medieval pirates there weren’t rules or clothing styles but we can still find some elements in common used in their way to wear clothes.

Chaqueta pirata puño ancho - Pirate Clothing

The pirates used to come from the lowest ranks of the medieval society and most of their clothes were stoled from their victims, some could be nobles others, rich people.

Sombrero Chistera Pirata - Pirate Clothing

When they used to attack, they usually get some jewels, silks, clothes and hats, so it was normal to see the pirate crew wearing those objects in the dry land. In their travels it was difficult to wear those items as they were conflicting with their works on the boat.

Chaqueta pirata Roja Negra - Pirate Clothing

They used to wear shirts, but with the bad weather the used a wool coat. They used wide trousers to make their movements more free.

Camisa lazo Renacentista - Pirate Clothing

The belly strips were usual and the boats used to present a low wedge and sometimes they were closed with some belts.

Espada de Pirata Funcional - Pirate Clothing

The head was covered with a bandana or with a hat (wide, tricorn, bicorn…) decoded with plumes and studs.

Sable de Pirata Funcional - Pirate Clothing

The captains of the galleons were usually the first to show their richness, as the use to get the best part of the treasures but also the best stolen clothes.

Tahalí renacentista estilo bandolera - Pirate Clothing

The most common weapons of the pirates were the swords, the sabres and the pistols.

Cinturón Pirata en cuero - Pirate Clothing