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Medieval footwear

The first shoes tried to cover completely the foot and they were fixed by some cords or belts. They were made in sheep leather or rough canvas made of wool.

Calzado medieval Londres S. XIV - Medieval footwear

The people used to wear also boots with a rolled up toe, coming from the Arab culture. They were made in leather. The long toe denoted the high ranks of the person and it was frequent to wear oversize boots that it was almost difficult to walk wearing them.

Botas altas de punta Poulaines - Medieval footwear

The high boots and the ankle boots were made in a different kind of cow, goat or sheep leather in back or natural color. They were closed and without any strap or lace.

Botines Jorvik S. IX X - Medieval footwear

It was common to wear a footwear protecting the ankle and the way of fix it was different: with laces or belts.

Botas medievales cuero S. XIII XV - Medieval footwear

The men used to wear high or low boots that could cover the ankle or also the knee.

Botas medievales Haddock 478x506 custom - Medieval footwear

Passing the time, the color of the boots have been upgraded, in leather or in canvas and the main colors are black, grey, red and green.

Botas medievales Martin marrones - Medieval footwear