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Types of Sabres

Sabre is curve sword and with only one edge. This blade´s curvature is its main difference with the sword. It provides a higher combat speed, because it cuts bt the blade doesn’t  remain into the enemy’s body.

Sable oriental año 1000 - Types of Sabres

Sabre is mainly used as a gala dinner element in army military uniforms from Sea, Earth and Air.

Sable General del Ejército de Tierra - Types of Sabres

Its curvature, which goes from its half to its sharp point, allows a deep cut. So if a soldier riding a horse use it to attack arival who is not, he will make a tangential cut on the opponent. So, the wound will start to bleed immediately. That´s why cavalry sabres are more curved than the infantry´s ones, given that the last ones must take into account the defensive fonction.

Sable Kriegmesser dos manos - Types of Sabres

Nowadays, sabres is along with foil and rapier sword, one of the three fencing´s weapons. It has a protection for the hand with a shape of a cup. Its length is 90 cm and its weight is 500 g. We obtain points in fencing,  touching our rival with our sword´s sharp point or cutting him/her with our  blade. We can only attack our rival´s torso including the head and the arms.  Sabre assaults are the fastest in fencing, that´s why a good physical condition is needed.

Sable de húsares de principios del s. XX - Types of Sabres

Sabre is also used in “The Ard” a traditional belly martial dance from Egypt. Where men carried their sabres in a vertical way, ready to fight while they danced. It implied to move the weapon over their heads, hips, shoulders, stomaches…

Sable francés de Champagne - Types of Sabres