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Catholic Kings Sword

This is one of the more spectacular swords (broadsword) in Spain History. With this weapon, both Fernando of Aragón and Isabel of Castilla (Catholic Kings) gave the title of knight to Christopher Colombus after he returned from his first rip to America. In the Throne Hall Barcelona Royal Palace, Colon became Ocean Almirant and Indian Viceroy.

Espada Mandoble de los Reyes Católicos - Catholic Kings SwordThis kind of broadsword was a ceremonial one, like an standard bearer it was used in every public or religious act during their reign, such as Granada’ sconquer or the beginnig of Spain as nation.

Reyes catolicos - Catholic Kings Sword

Pope Alexander the IVth gave to Fernando the II of Aragón the title of Catholic King in 1469, as a compensation given that previously he had named King of France as the most Christian king. We must take into account that back in the days France and Aragón fought for getting the control of Italy, threatening Pontifical States too.

Later, History have declared both Fernando and Isabel to be Catholick Kings, but this is a disputable matter because we don’ thave historical proofs of this events.

This couple got married in Vivero’s Palace in Valladolid on the 19th October 1469, she was 18 and he was 17, they spent their honeymoon in Fuensaldaña’s castle.

This marriage supposed the union of Aragón and Castilla´s crowns. This reign also meant the transition towards modern age in Spain.

REYES CATÓLICOS - Catholic Kings Sword

Catholic Kings, supported by cities and little aristocracy, established an strong monarchy. After conquering; Granada, Navarra, Melilla and other african places; they obtained the territorial union of the entire Spain but Ceuta and Olivenza which belonged to Portugal,under an only crown.

Catholic Kings made successful foreing affairs politics thanks to the diplomatic personality of Fernando el Católico who achieved the Hispanic hegemony during the XVIth and XVIIth century. America’ s discovery supposed a remarkable fact.

This discovery helped to develop Spanish economy and science, but also implied the huge expansion of its culture for the next centuries.

Reyes catolicos2 - Catholic Kings Sword