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Medieval Helmets

Weevil with visor year 1390 659x478 - The Medieval Bascinet (bassinet, basinet, bazineto)

The Medieval Bascinet (bassinet, basinet, bazineto)

The medieval bascinet came into use in the thirteenth century, with the development of conical helmets, to protect the sides of the head and neck, but leaving the face exposed. It was lighter than the helmet. By the mid-fourteenth

ARMADURA MEDIEVAL 247x478 - Parts of the Armor

Parts of the Armor

Medieval Armor History The origin of medieval armor dating from the period when the Egyptian military garb consisted of a helmet and a breastplate made of strong cloth or leather covered largely with metal plates. All armor are made available

Escudo Vikingo ribeteado 770x478 - Vikings Shields

Vikings Shields

Viking Shield was light, with the right size to cover the torso and with a holding system that made it easy to handle. Viking warrior used a high number of wood circles as shields, which were held by its

Casco Vikingo Vendel 628x478 - Vikings and Normand Helmets

Vikings and Normand Helmets

Viking is the name given to those who lived in Nordic countries from Scandinavia, well known by their intrusions and/or sacking in Europe since the VIIIth century. To be exact in the year 793 with the Monastry of Lindisfarne sacking

Casco Espartano Rey Leonidas - Emblematic Greek Helmets

Emblematic Greek Helmets

The most famous among all the greek helmets was the Corinthian, which had a protection for both cheeks and nose. It covered almost the entire head but eyes, mouth and chin. They have a clear disadvantage, they reduced notably

Casque Du Gladiateur Crixus - Period Helmets

Period Helmets

Culture and Histoy lovers  of no matter what age,  are ware of the importance of helmets as one of the most precious items. Because though them we can see the idiosyncrasy of every civilization and the bravery of their

ESPADA TEMPLARIA SERIE ESPECIAL 500x478 - Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

Vatican´s Secret Archives Revelations about the Templars

The Templar Knights Order was one of the most important and powerful that emerged during the Crusades. Founded in 1118 with the purpose of defending the holy places of Muslim forces tried to reclaim them. The Templar Knights came to be in

MEDIEVAL FULL CONTCT COMBAT - What's Medieval Full Contact Combat

What’s Medieval Full Contact Combat

Medieval Full Contact or Medieval Combat is a contact and fight sport, with an strong historic trace. This discipline has its origins in Eastern Europe and progressively has been extended to the rest of the world. Participants use edgless

Breastplate with Eagle Toledo chiseled 661x478 - Handicrafts from Toledo

Handicrafts from Toledo

Whatever is classic is always in style, and that is why Toledo and its handicrafts are always stylish. Toledo is imperial due to its cultural heritage, and an essential part of this heritage are its artisans, masters of the

Quarantene Covid-19, boost your medieval passion

Take advantage of these forced quarantene days to boost your medieval passion. Many times we complain we don’t have so much time to do what we have planned or to dedicate time with calm to do what we like.

combatiente medieval 2023 - Medieval Combat Worldwide Championship 2016-IMCF

Medieval Combat Worldwide Championship 2016-IMCF

This year, the spectacular sprt known as Medieval Fight full combat will take place in Montemor-o-Velho, in Portugal, from 26th to 29th May. IMCF, International Medieval Combat Federation is dedicated to the spread of medieval combat sports, with more

MEDIEVAL FULL CONTCT COMBAT - Battle of the Nations 2016

Battle of the Nations 2016

Also known as Historical Medieval Battle (HMB), it’ s worldwide championship with medieval weapons and armous which this year will take place in May from (Prague, Czech Republic) 5th to 9th, the call for applications is still open. In