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Vikings Shields

Viking Shield was light, with the right size to cover the torso and with a holding system that made it easy to handle. Viking warrior used a high number of wood circles as shields, which were held by its back side thanks to iron devices. It implies that viking shield was usually round.

Escudo vikingo de madera - Vikings Shields

In its back side, generally,  had three iron stripes and a handle fixed by three iron nails.

Escudo vikingo parte trasera - Vikings Shields

Several viking shields show paintings (mineral pigments powdered in an oil base) over the wood surface, as a decorative element.

Escudo Vikingo madera - Vikings Shields

Its size could be adjusted to warrior’ s body and way of fighting. A shield had to be big enough to give a good protection, but not too much.

ESCUDO VIKINGO FUNCIONAL 450x422 - Vikings Shields

A small shield shows several weak spots which could be used by the enemy to hurt really bad, while a big shield slowed down and exhausted its holder.

Escudo Vikingo ribeteado 450x446 custom - Vikings Shields