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Templar Swords

Templar swords were not only used for attacking and defending, but also they became the loyal partner of every Templar Knight in their daily life.


They had a handle with the shape of a cross and a right and double edged blade. Its point was made of templar steel, tough enough for drilling enemy´s chainmail.

Espada Templaria de Combate 300x230 - Templar Swords

Its total weight is about 1.5 Kilos,  that´s why we should handle it with two hands,  sometimes we called it broadsword. Its balance, perfect thanks to its four fingers handle, turned it into an extraordinary offensive and defensive weapon. Above all for fighting against curve and short arabic weapons, such as, scimitars.

Espada Templaria para la Lucha 300x226 - Templar Swords

Templar Knights were very religious and also the decided to defend those who couldn´t do it by themselves withouth demanding anything in return. It was a life full of sacrifice which only could be taken by monks and warriors.

Espada de los Caballeros Cruzados - Templar Swords

Litterature, great deeds and specially cinematographic industry  have made of Templars a usual subject because it was synonym of success. It´s clearly a matter which always will be interesting and attractive, but also it has become source of legends, truths and lies.

Espada de Los Caballeros del Cielo - Templar Swords

“Milites Templi”  was the greatest Military Templar Order, founded in 1119 by french noble knights, led by Great Mster Hugo de Payens, it was conceived at first as an assistance brotherhood with monastic vows but later military fonctions were added to defend pilgrims in Jerusalem. Baldwin II of Jerusalem gave them a residence in the old Temple of Salomon, what implied they started to be called as Templars.

Espada Gran Maestre del Templo - Templar Swords

In 1127 the Order was recognized by Pope Honorius III and next year it became under the protection of Cistercian Order. They transformed a modified version of Benedictine rule. Thanks to Saint Bernard Sponsorship, who dedicated them his famous quote “De laude nova militiae ad milites Templi“, they got important donations ad a growing social, economic and spiritual influence.

Espada Templaria Damasquinada - Templar Swords

Deprived of their identity and distinguishing marks,  accused of every kind of crimes (invented or not) Templar Knights were broken up by Pope Clement V in Vienne´s Council, their properties were delivered among kings or other military orders.

Espada de los Templarios en Plata - Templar Swords

In the Kingdom of Aragón, Templars were really active. In 1317 it was founded the Order of Montesatanto with several of their possessions. In Western Kingdoms, native orders that appeared in the second half of XIIth century were more relevant.

Espada de los Templarios en Oro - Templar Swords

Also in Castilla, in 1158 the Order of Calatrava was founded, which statutes approved in 1158, made her dependent of cistercian abbey of Morimond. In Léon they came out, the Order of Alcántara(1156) and Santiago (1161), associated to cistercians and Saint Eloy´s priests respectively. In Portugal were founded the Order of Saint Benedict of Avis in 1162 and the Order of Chirst in 1319.

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