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The Musketeers Sword

In the 1622, Luis XIII created the special corp of the musketeers and the general was the count of Trevillè. This corp was formed by one hundred musketeers, a cornetman, a sergeant, a lieutenant and a captain.

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Between those, the most known for their feats are: Athos, Porthos and Aramis, also known as THE THREE MUSKETEERS, adding the fearless D’Artagnan. All together they were defending the queen Ann against Richelie, fearless to use their singular swords, symbol of the THREE MUSKETEERS defending the monarchy.

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The musketeers corp in France

The corp was funded in the 1622 by Luis XIII and it took origins from another regiment funded by his father, Henry IV, where the soldiers were armed with carabines. Luis XIII armed his corp with muskets, that’s why the name “musketeers”. The new guard was made by one hundred musketeers and three officers, divided in three groups of infantry and cavalry.

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The musketeers appeared again in the 1657 with a corp of 150 soldiers. When Mazarin died in the 1661, the musketeers of the cardinal passed to Luis XIV.

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The two companies reorganized in 1664, one taking the name “Gray Musketeers” and the other “Black Musketeers” because of the color of their uniforms. At the same time, the number of members in each company doubled.

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The musketeers were included in the most prestigious military corps of the ancient kingdom and they were only reserved for the noble members.

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In the 1776, during the Luis XVI reign the corp has been dissolved for economic causes. Reformed in the 1789, it has been eliminated again after a short time. Re-funded again the 4th of July of 1814, has been dissolved in the 1816.

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Their name was made popular by Alexander Dumas in his novels.

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We have also three beautiful musketeers letter openers: Athos, Porthos e Aramis.

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