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Two Handed Swords

The two handed swords are those sabres or swords whose handle has enough lenght to be covered with both hands. The two-handed sword was a weapon of the infantry, skilled and effective to fight pikes, halberds and spears. It was used by Swiss and Geerman soldiers of the XVth century, as well as by italians in the XVIth. Some of the two-handed swords had flagellum blades.

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Some types of swords of this style are: the Claymore, the katanas, the doppelhänder or Zweihänder, zhanmadao Chinese sword, broadsword or gothic style.

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  • Claymore.– it is the Scottish swords who requires both hands in order to be wielded. It has a sharp blade, on both sides and its handle is pretty large, at least a quarter of the total lenght of the weapon.
  • Katana.- The katana is a Japanese sword, a particular type of single-phylum sword, traditionally used by the samurais. Its most common size is around a meter long weighing a kilo.
  • Doppelhänder-Zweihänder.- It is a long sword used in the XVth century Germany and later in the Renaissance.
  • Zhanmadao.- Chinese anti cavalry sword of great length used in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).
  • Mandoble.- There was a kind of large sword, which emerged in Europe in the XV century; it was known as the Claymore.
  • Greatsword.- It is a colloquial and modern name for a stile sword. However, both refer to large swords of medieval and Renaissance.
  • Stile sword.- it is a two handed-sword with large quillons that fencing masters handle with both hands to separate battles in fencing (also referred to hand and a half swords).

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