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Genghis Khan’s Sword

Temuyín, also known later as Genghis Khan was born on 31st May 1162 in Dulun-Boldaq, Burjan Jaldun Mount, in Mongolia and he died on 25th August 1227, in the Tangut Empire.  He became leader of Mongolia and thanks to Eden’s sword he built the biggest empire in Middle Age. Through his life, he conquered and unified a lot of tribes of his country to create the Mongol Empire in 1206. Due to his approach to the west in 1217 the Great Master of the order of Assassins, Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad went to Mongolia to kill him and get his sword.

Espada Genghis Khan - Genghis Khan's Sword

Genghis Khan’s sword was made of crucible steel by a technique which was developed firstly in India for the first century. Lately, this method became more common in Central Asia. Unfortunately, this process remained forgot until XVIIIth century when europeans reinvented the process and started to get rich with this weapons, incredibly expensive.

Espada Genghis Khan pomo - Genghis Khan's Sword

Altaïr  with the help of the murderer Qulan Gal, infiltrated into Khan’s camp to try to kill him, but the Great Master is almost discovered and had to run away with his accomplice. In 1227, Genghis Khan left his camp to avoid his death but a posioned arrow threw by Qulan Gal hit him and then he was finished off by Drim, first born of Qulan Gal.

Espada Genghis Khan vaina - Genghis Khan's Sword

Genghis Khan and other military men turned the mongol army into one of the most  feared by its mobility and strategy, giuben that they introduced several innovations that implied the conquer of huge territories even though they were outnumbered in battle.

Espada Genghis Khan con vaina - Genghis Khan's Sword

Main Mongol Army tactic was based on their nomad lifestyle. Genghis Khan organised their soldiers in a decimal system, 10 (arban), 100 (jaghun), 1.000 (mingghan), 10.000 (tumen) every singkle group had a luedar calle Noyan. The union of among 2 to five tumen was called hordu, there we have the origin of the word horde. Every hordu was led by Genghis Khan or his Boyan or generals.

Miniespada Genghis Khan - Genghis Khan's Sword

Leaders of every level in the chain of command could (more or less) give orders the way they liked. An structure which proved to be incredibly effective, because it allowed to the mongol army to surround their enemies lead them to an ambush, or finish an army in retreat off.

Singing was the most common way to make armies mark a rhythm of march in order to make soldiers walk at the same time. Genghis Kahn introduced an innovation every mongol soldier learned an ensemble of melodies without lyrics.

Abrecartas Genghis Khan - Genghis Khan's Sword

Those melodies were sung by days until they were learned by heart. Then, in battlefield generals and officers gave the orders within one of the standard melodies, like if they were the lyrics of a song.

To messengers , the fact of remembering this orders became an easy task. Besides every single soldier could work as a messenger given that all of them had memorised the memories.

Genghis Khan - Genghis Khan's Sword

Orders in battlefield were usually extremely well transmitted. This method became very successful so every single law and rule that mongol soldiers should follow turned into lyrics for this melodies.