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Medieval Shields

The shield is a defensive weapon for protection against offensive weapons. The medieval shields are part of the wartime history of all time.

Crusader Shield - Medieval Shields

The Byzantines used the oval cut shield mainly; the Normans used an almond-shaped shield, with edged bottom in order to stick it in the ground; since the end of s. XIII until s. XVI, equilateral triangle shaped shield was used.

126 450x323 - Medieval Shields

The Medieval Shields we know today are mostly decorative and painted with logos, coats of arms, heraldry and badges of famous historical warriors and their families; nevertheless, functional pieces are manufactured, with straps for the arm and they are used by recreationists.

Escudo del Príncipe Negro - Medieval Shields

Basically we can cite different types of shields, such as:

  • Adarga: Oval shaped shield with two sheets of leather sewn together;
  • Broquel: Small, circular shield;
  • Aspis: Greek infantry shield;
  • Clípeo: Large circular shield used by Greeks and Romans;
  • Pavés: Oblong shield, used by the Roman “turtle (tortoise) formation”  as the Scutum. Also used in the Middle Ages;
  • RodelaMetal round shield used in the Middle Ages;
  • Targe: Scottish shield;
  • Tarja: Middle Age shield that covered the entire body;
  • Scutum: Typical shield used by Roman legionaries.
127 272x450 - Medieval Shields
targe - Medieval Shields
Targe shield scottish